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Social media is one of the most popular ways for people from all over the world to meet and hang out with each other on a daily basis. It can also be used to build your business depending on how you go about it and which social media platform you choose to use.

Images are the Newest Way to Tell Your Story

Pinterest is the latest craze today. Like Facebook, it seems to have taken off like wildfire. It is a social bookmarking site but one that uses photos and images from websites instead of articles or video.

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Marketing Strategies Using Social Media Marketing

Marketing Strategies Using Social Media MarketingNetworking has always been a critical component of any successful marketing strategy.  And this involves more that just getting your name out there; it involves building relationships and establishing your brand.  It involves equating your product or service, as well as your business philosophy and yourself, as the face behind that philosophy, with the idea of trust, reliability and fair value.  The method by which this is accomplished in today’s marketplace differs significantly from the way in which it was accomplished twenty, ten or even five years ago, but the goal remains the same.  Continue reading

Marketing Strategies Using SEO Articles

SEO Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategies Using SEO Articles

There are a variety of strategies that business owners use to successfully market their websites.  Admittedly there are some strategies which are more effective than others, but one strategy that provides fairly consistent results without the burden of huge marketing expenses article marketing.  Marketing strategies using SEO articles can be especially effective, but only when done correctly.  Here are some pointers to help online business owners make the most of their SEO article marketing campaigns. Continue reading

Using Facebook Marketing to Increase Sales

 Facebook burst on the scene about 7 years ago and since then it has become the face of social media, taking the internet by  storm.  At the outset, it was thought that Facebook was primarily a social networking tool between friends, but little by  little the underlying benefit to business has become apparent.  Most persons have Facebook on their iPhone, iPad, and  android, which means that it is a constant in their lives.  The truth is that with over 700 million users, and counting,  Facebook is too important to ignore.  Besides, Facebook is all about creating and building relationships, which is what  marketing is all about. Continue reading

Social Media Marketing

The world of business is abuzz with social media these days, as most people share on Facebook, some tweet, while others blog and so on.  But marketing experts now agree that social media can also be used as an effective marketing tool for your business.  Social media marketing involves a web of online communication tools like Facebook, and Twitter, which are used to advertise, promote, and sell your product or service. Continue reading

How SEO can improve your bottom line

 Can a high search engine ranking really cause your sales to soar and improve your bottom line?  Well that is the consensus  of marketing and web professionals who attest to the growth of businesses that are able to successfully navigate the world  of search engine optimization or SEO.  SEO involves the use of various techniques and strategies that are all aimed at  propelling your website to the top of the results page of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Continue reading

Google Plus for Business

In order to grow and develop, every business must be concerned about attracting new customers and keeping the ones they have, and that goal is achieved by maintaining good customer relationships. As a result, businesses are always on the hunt for new customer centric tools, and Google Plus for business is one such innovation. Google Plus for business is a social networking platform designed by Google, which allows businesses of every size to build customer relationships, via effective communication and interface with customers. Continue reading

Google’s Leaked Document!

 When it comes to getting our business and webpage noticed, where is the one place we
all strive to be? On Google! The reason is simple – high rankings on Google lead to increased
website traffic. But what is the secret to getting high rankings on Google? What was once a big
secret has now been leaked to the public. Included within this highly valued document
titled “Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines” is all of the information that one needs to
increase their ranking on the Google search engine and get their business noticed by more
people. Continue reading

Shifting Your Marketing Strategy with the Recent Facebook Changes

recent facebook changes Most recently, Facebook made a few changes to their website and the ways in which users can interact with it. This caused a few disgruntled users especially from a marketing perspective. One main change is found in the News Feed which is viewed as a major marketing tool. Continue reading

Build a Website with Simple Website Creator

Do you ever wish there was a simpler way to create that website you’ve always wanted? Maybe you need a website and you are not sure how to begin to create one? Or maybe you’ve tried free website builders but they looked unprofessional or were difficult to use.

There are other options to help you build a professional-looking, high quality, functional site today and Simple Website Creator can help you do that. Continue reading

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