Inexpensive Internet Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing- Cheap Online Marketing Method

Inexpensive Internet Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is also known as the most cost- effective way to market anything over the World Wide Web. The very reason behind this is the fact that it is one of the most sought after method of bringing qualified leads in any website. This technique is also use in communicating with customers and potential customers most especially when it comes to sending out invitations or informing people about special offers.

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Google’s Leaked Document!

 When it comes to getting our business and webpage noticed, where is the one place we
all strive to be? On Google! The reason is simple – high rankings on Google lead to increased
website traffic. But what is the secret to getting high rankings on Google? What was once a big
secret has now been leaked to the public. Included within this highly valued document
titled “Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines” is all of the information that one needs to
increase their ranking on the Google search engine and get their business noticed by more
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Guide to QR Codes


                Have you ever seen a bar-code looking square on a t-shirt, on a print ad, or on a price tag and wondered what it is?  It is called a Quick Response code. More commonly known as a QR code, Quick response codes are popping up  everywhere! But what are they, how do they work, and how are people using them to expand their business? Let’s find out! Continue reading

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100 Tips for Making

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