Go With the Flow – Updating Your On-Page SEO

On-Page SEOIf you are just starting to set up your online business, you know that you have to make your website known for you to get your potential buyers. When it comes to optimizing your website, there had been countless strategies to get the top spot in search engines. However, the modern era has already made the industry of SEO a simpler task to do.

Classic On-Page SEO

With SEO, there is that what we call the classic On-Page SEO. Though it may seem to be old, but still it is one of the most employed tactics in the industry. Amongst the classic on-page SEO stuffs that most optimizers still make use of are:

  • Placing your keywords in the URL. Its classic though, that keywords that are placed in URLs may get other webpages linked to your own website, meaning you can get your anchor text out of that. Another thing is that it can get the search engine crawl to your website, wherein searchers may see what they might be looking for.


  • Placing Keywords in the ALT attribute. Some also make use of an image that is integrated with an ALT attribute inside. ALT is usually place inside the code of the image tag, and in it are the keywords that are typed by the users.


  • Getting keywords in links that will direct your website. This typical use of internal anchor texts phrases. Many optimizers and first time website owners who do the optimization make use of this strategy.


The New On-Page SEO

Although these classic strategies are still of great value today, there are however some innovations and new tactics to even make your website rank well and gets better visibility especially on this new age era of social media and stuff.


Listed below are some of the new strategies that you might want to employ when optimizing your website:

  • You have to cross the boundaries of simply getting traffic, brand awareness and visits to really give what users want by giving your website the purpose why you have that in the first place.


  • Giving your website an outstanding search result could be another strategy to make use. What it means is that you may make use of video XML sitemaps. You can also get your profile picture next to search results. With this strategy, you can increase your website’s click-through rate.


  • When creating your domain name, make it sound unique as possible and very enticing. Most users bias their clicks by what is seen in the URL, because they would prefer to click domain names as brands.
  • With the advent of social media, it is imperative that your site has features wherein readers may share it through social networking sites. Make sure that your content has a sharing feature in it.


  • Your website should also fit in well with smartphones and other mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads or Android powered phones. This gives you the advantage to develop your own followers and viewers even on the go.


Although these new strategies are really of great use, you cannot simply neglect the usefulness of the classic on-page. Its usability before and even up to now remains to be the same, only that you just have to make use of new strategies to keep up with the rise of social media and the new standards set by search engines.

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