Google’s Leaked Document!

 When it comes to getting our business and webpage noticed, where is the one place we
all strive to be? On Google! The reason is simple – high rankings on Google lead to increased
website traffic. But what is the secret to getting high rankings on Google? What was once a big
secret has now been leaked to the public. Included within this highly valued document
titled “Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines” is all of the information that one needs to
increase their ranking on the Google search engine and get their business noticed by more


What exactly are the “Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines?”
In order to determine how a website should be ranked on their search engine, Google must find
a way to determine the quality of websites, the relevance and intent of websites, and whether or
not websites are spam. To do this, they hire humans to search through individual websites and
rank them. Basically, these human hires help to classify websites and determine how relevant
they are to specific keyword searches.

Where does the “Google Search Quality Rating Guidelines” document come into play?

Human raters use this document to determine how websites rank and how relevant they are. For
example, in rating the websites, the human hires must ask questions such as “would you trust the
information presented in this article?” and “would you be comfortable giving your credit card
information to this site?” Of course, these are just a few of the many, many questions that these
individuals must answer when ranking websites – the rest are available in the document!

How does this leaked Google document pertain to you?

The answer to this question is obvious – the more you know about the way in which Google
ranks its websites, the more you can do to ensure that your website gets a good Google ranking.
Once you have the secret, you can use it to your advantage and change your website in such a
way that it will get great rankings!

A few of the many tips provided by the document:

Aside from the many questions that human raters must ask themselves about different websites,
Google’s leaked document also contains other valuable hints, tips, and information about how
to create a good website. While these may already be familiar to you, they are just reinforced by
Google itself:

1) Watch your content carefully – Sites that contain no content can be flagged. If you have too
many repeated keywords within your content, it could be flagged as spam.

2) Ensure that all content is original – Duplicate content from other websites will be flagged.
Additionally, if your content is poor or unreadable, it could get marked as spam.

3) List your contact information – Your credibility is increased any time your contact
information is posted on your website.

4) Limit your ads – If you are creating a website simply to generate extra income from ads, be
sure that you do not make this obvious. The person who is visiting the website should not be able
to tell that these are your intentions. Always ensure that the first thing visitors see on your page
is valuable content, not ads!

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