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In order to grow and develop, every business must be concerned about attracting new customers and keeping the ones they have, and that goal is achieved by maintaining good customer relationships. As a result, businesses are always on the hunt for new customer centric tools, and Google Plus for business is one such innovation. Google Plus for business is a social networking platform designed by Google, which allows businesses of every size to build customer relationships, via effective communication and interface with customers.

The earlier release known as Google Plus is all about creating circles of friends and sharing. With Google Plus for business, the company has simply expanded that concept to facilitate greater website traffic for the business owner. How is that possible? Well it has a lot to do with its unique +1 button, which is a nice way to help promote your business. Google’s +1 is a lot like Facebook’s ‘Like’ button, only in this case, it signifies that the user likes that particular web page. Once a user logs into their Google account then they can see all the search sites that have been assigned +1 by other friends.

Of course Google Plus for business is also about sharing with your customers. But sharing effectively means that you only share with customers the information they want. It’s all about giving people relevant content. Google Plus for business allows you to manage your circle of customers, and link them according to the information they need.

It is important to use innovative and imaginative images on your Google page that customers will find attractive. Once they visit your page, you want them to stay interested. You want them to keep coming back, but you also want them to tell others about the business. It’s a lot like Twitter because you want to create a following, that is always talking, and ever expanding. In order to do this, you have to keep your page current with relevant publications, photos, and videos.

Google Plus for businesses also has a one-click video conversation tool called hangouts. It allows you to get real time, face-to-face video contact with your customers. It means you can get product feedback, respond to customer concerns, and speak with your co-workers, when you need to.

Another great feature of Google Plus for businesses is Google Direct, which offers a direct link to your Google page. To do this all a customer has to do is to type ‘+’ and your Google page in Google search, and then they are there in an instant.

Google Plus for business also has the necessary tools to help you understand how effectively the social media platform is working for you. Using these measurements can help you determine where you need to adjust your online marketing strategy.

Google Plus for business is a socially interactive tool, which can help to promote your business by sharing with customers and friends. The fact that there are literally billions of searches on Google each day, makes Google Plus for businesses a tool you just cannot afford to ignore.

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