Hottest New Tools on the Internet

Are you looking to learn about different social media tools? If so, read on. I am just starting a new blog and I am looking to target all of the hottest new tools on the internet today. Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus, and Twitter are some of the best social networking tools available. Let’s take a brief look at each of them.

1) Facebook

Your best friend, your brother, your teacher, and even your mom – nearly everyone has a Facebook page. Because of its unbelievable popularity Facebook is one of the top tools on the internet today. If you do not yet have a Facebook page for your business, you are already two steps behind your competitors. What makes Facebook so great? It allows you to connect with countless numbers of people. Anytime you are added as a friend on an individual’s profile they can communicate with you in one of three ways; through a public message (writing on your wall), through a private message, or through a real time conversation. When using Facebook for business, a business fanpage is created in which the business owner can easily share photos and videos, post regular updates, share information, and communicate with potential clients.

2) YouTube

We all know that YouTube is great for watching our favourite videos but what many people do not know is that it is also great for promoting a business. One of the most obvious ways to gain business on YouTube is through advertising. However, many businesses are now using videos to give presentations, deliver walkthroughs, and answer commonly asked questions for customers. The concept is simple; if you create video content that is interesting and informative you will get views that you can turn into business.

3) Twitter

Rapidly growing in popularity, Twitter is another social networking tool that is being used by many business owners. The entire concept of Twitter is based around one question, “what are you doing?” Once you create a profile, you continually update your answer to this question (Your answer is known as a “Tweet”). Anyone who has added you to their Twitter friends list will be able to see your updates and gain insight into what is new with your business. Like Facebook, Twitter also allows you to send public and private messages, as well as upload videos, photos, files, and other applications.

4) Google Plus

Not quite as popular as Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube, but getting there rapidly, is Google Plus. Growing in number each day, Google Plus is similar to Facebook, but has several advantages. Firstly, Google Plus allows you to group people into specific circles. This allows you to limit who posts what and how often you see them. Secondly, Google Plus allows you to ‘hangout’ with groups of people. You can do this on Facebook as well, but only with one person at a time. The best part of Google Plus is that it will allow you to increase your rankings on Google search by adding a +1 to people’s posts. This is definitely the top benefit of Google Plus for business owners.

So there they are – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Plus are the hottest four new tools on the internet. If you want to see your business grow, take advantage of each of them.


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