Marketing Strategies Using Emotional Branding

Marketing Strategies Using Emotional BrandingThe world of marketing has changed drastically in comparison to what most of us grew up with. In fact, it changes every moment these days, with the incomprehensible speed of the digital era. There is one aspect, however, that has not only remained intact, but perhaps grown even stronger in this very impersonal world in which we live and do business, and that’s the emotional connection. Think about it…when you have a thousand choices of different places to buy the same thing, what’s the magic factor that’s going to make you choose one website over another? What’s the reason you continue to return to the same online vendor again and again? This is the basis of marketing strategies using emotional branding as their devise for gaining consumer confidence and loyalty.

It’s easy to get so caught up in the marketing of your business – the numbers and the sales figures, the statistics surrounding this strategy or that – that you might forget about the basics. The way we do business may have changed drastically over the past decades, but the reason people choose who they do business with has not. Because of this – of human nature – it is critical that you find a way to set your business apart from the crowd. One very powerful way to do this is with emotional branding. Not only does this give consumers a reason to choose your product or service over the competition, but, perhaps even more importantly, it’s the reason they tell their friends and the reason they keep coming back.

What Marketing Strategies Using Emotional Branding Entail

This marketing strategy doesn’t have to be complicated – just the opposite actually. The primary objective is to fuse your business – no matter your niche – with a sense of personalization; personal service, personal advice, a personal connection. Emotional branding takes traditional business branding one step further in that it makes people feel a connection with you, either as a person or because of a shared philosophy or world view. Regardless of what type of emotional connection you manage to establish with your existing and prospective clientele, the end result is a positive effect on your bottom line.

Marketing strategies using emotional branding don’t really entail a lot of extra effort on your part. This element can be established through a variety of techniques, most of which you are probably employing anyway. You just might need to adjust your approach a bit to incorporate the more personal element into your business affairs. Take your social media marketing for example. Do you talk strictly business through your social media venues? Or do you add a comment here and there incorporating a “human” element into your business affairs? Try offering your audience some free niche-related advice via social media, or even entertaining trivial tidbits regarding your products or services. Give them a reason to become engaged in your daily activities and you’ll find them asking for more.

Effective marketing strategies using emotional branding extend far beyond the circle of friends, family and “fans,” though these are undoubtedly important aspects, as well. But this strategy also has the potential to engage total strangers who just happen to stumble across you site with even the mildest of interest. Give them a reason to keep coming back, and they will!

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