Shifting Your Marketing Strategy with the Recent Facebook Changes

recent facebook changes Most recently, Facebook made a few changes to their website and the ways in which users can interact with it. This caused a few disgruntled users especially from a marketing perspective. One main change is found in the News Feed which is viewed as a major marketing tool.


The new newsfeed is different in terms of recent and top stories. In the past there were two buttons – top stories and most recent stories. Top stories meant that the more engaged persons were with your page as well as the more recent the post, it made the chances of these particular posts being displayed in the newsfeed. This means that if you have a brand or business with a Facebook page and you engage your fans in terms of making comments, having them “like” content, etc., the chances of you showing up in your fans’ newsfeeds were significantly increased. Now, to get posts in top stories means that you have to do more work. Factors such as the relationship between a user and the author, the amount of comments and likes will impact the inclusion of updates in Top Stories. In addition, you have to be more careful in how you engage your fans. Unfortunately, you may not show-up in the recent stories feed especially if you have been spamming. Constant posts may be marked as spam and this means you won’t get to be seen in recent stories.

Smart Lists

In addition, users have more control in terms of the News Feeds that they see when they log on. News Feeds can be created from lists. For example, you can create a list with only family, a list for co-workers, etc. This means the newsfeeds will only show that of persons of their choosing. Given this increased user control, marketers have to keep in mind that some people may not choose to see newsfeeds from their brand. This is why it’s important to have content that is interesting so fans will choose to get updated with newsfeeds.

The Option to Subscribe

Users now have the ability to subscribe to all, most or only the important updates of particular users. Unfortunately for marketers, users can elect not to see all their updates. Here is where good content comes into play. If an author has relevant and useful content without huge amounts of self-promotion, then they may earn the loyalty of their fans with a high number of subscriptions.

Lifestyle Apps

Lifestyle applications track almost every interest of users. For instance, what they eat, where they go, etc. They can then share this information on something called a Timeline. So for instance, if they are Pizza fan, they can share on their Timeline the fact that they have eaten 200 slices of pizza in a year. This is a big plus for marketers as they can actually see what it is their target market is doing, what they like, where they go and essentially how they live. While some of these Facebook changes have caused an upset to the marketing community, they also mean that marketers have the opportunity to challenge themselves in keeping their brands in the forefront of their target markets’ minds. Remember that technology is dynamic and just as how Facebook had to revamp their website in order to remain competitive, it also stands that marketers have to do the same in order to keep up with the challenges of the ever evolving marketplace.

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