Share Your World in Living Color with Pinterest


Social media is one of the most popular ways for people from all over the world to meet and hang out with each other on a daily basis. It can also be used to build your business depending on how you go about it and which social media platform you choose to use.

Images are the Newest Way to Tell Your Story

Pinterest is the latest craze today. Like Facebook, it seems to have taken off like wildfire. It is a social bookmarking site but one that uses photos and images from websites instead of articles or video.

It is a relatively easy service to use but you do need to be invited either by Pinterest or a member who is already part of the Pinterest family. This may change after the first year or so as the site grows but for now, I guess the makers of the site needed to keep it this way to keep track of how fast it grows.

Shortcut Tools Help You Create Your Pinboards Quick and Easy

Once you have been accepted onto Pinterest and set up your account(which you can do through Facebook if you choose to go the quick and easy way). You can drag a little button onto your toolbar if you are using Firefox so that if you are visiting a site and want to link to it, all you need to do it click on the button that says “Pin It” and a box will pop up with the images from the page you are on. You pick the image you would like to use and enter in a description or tag line for others if they would like to share it or follow your pin board, they can.

You can create many different pinboards all under different categories. So you could have one for family, hobbies, business, cars, or whatever your interests are. This is a great way to create back links for your website at the same time as be connected to all your friends and family in this wide wide world.

Use Pinterest For Keeping Track of Everything

Do you have a ton of bookmarks saved in your toolbar? Do you find yourself constantly having to go through them all and refresh your memory of what they are and why you saved them? Do you have to put them in categories? Well, with the benefits of Pinterest, you can now take all of those bookmarks and put them into your pinboards with a beautiful vibrant photo that will let you know at a glance exactly what the site was you saved and you will not have to click it to remind yourself why you saved it, you will know. This can make your organization efforts for both personal or business excel with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Once you get busy pinning away, you will probably have to put an alarm clock on to remind you of how much time has passed. It is quite easy to get lost in a social media website as much fun as Pinterest and you could let your whole work day get away from you if you are not careful. Pinterest can be the perfect tool for both business and pleasure.

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