Social Media Marketing

The world of business is abuzz with social media these days, as most people share on Facebook, some tweet, while others blog and so on.  But marketing experts now agree that social media can also be used as an effective marketing tool for your business.  Social media marketing involves a web of online communication tools like Facebook, and Twitter, which are used to advertise, promote, and sell your product or service.

Do you really need social media for your business?

If you think that you don’t need social media for your business then think again, because popular search engines like Google and Bing, consider social media important when ranking websites.   Google and Bing look at the use of social media as a gauge in determining the social authority of the user.  So if a user has a large following on Twitter for example, then the search engine will consider that fact when formulating how high a website will rank on the results page.  So tweeting and sharing on Facebook can have some real benefits for your business. The more links and pages your business website has, the higher it will rank on search engines.

Using social media to market your Business

Nowadays most consumers will be quick to look up a business on Facebook or Twitter, before even going to their website.  Having a presence on those social media sites gives businesses a boost.

If you are not already there, then don’t shy away from social media.  Learn to use it.  It is a great way to inform your audience, promote your business, and get the word ‘out there’ about your business competency.  Social media is also an excellent interactive tool that can be immensely beneficial to customer service.  If you have staff dedicated to monitoring it, then it presents the opportunity for you to respond to your customer concerns on time, in real time.

No need to spend a lot of money on advertising, just tweet.  You can easily direct customers to your Twitter or Facebook pages for news on promotions, new products, and the like.   If your customers all have followings, then they are going to share this information with their followers, and the information will go viral in no time, without you having to spend a dime on advertising.

With social media you can market all the time, because users are always updating their Facebook page or tweeting.  So you don’t have to limit your marketing to the work day, you can do it after work or on weekends, because social media never sleeps.  People are constantly online, updating, sharing, and exchanging information.

Social media marketing must be current to be effective.  You have to have someone dedicated to updating your online data.  It is important to provide regular updates and responses; otherwise you won’t generate any interest from users. You don’t want to lose out on an opportunity to reach the huge social media audience, so it is necessary to ensure that the content in your social media tools is always current.

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