The Truth about Exact Match Domains (EMDs) You Need to Know

Exact Match Domains (EMDs)EMDs or Exact Match Domains have been one great strategy employed to optimize a certain website. Long ago, search engine optimizers make use of “double dashed” domains as it is cheaper and are easier to rank. However, these days a high value keyword domain has been a necessity ever since the internet industry has been a market.

If you are new to this industry or you still have certain questions about EMDs, here are some details that may be of good help.

Types of EMDs

There are major factors that you need to consider first when identifying the different types of EMD. Identifying these factors are important so you would know how and what to do first when setting up with your website.


  • TLD extension. These are extensions you see after a website name. Among these include .com, .net, .org or others.


  • Number of Keywords. Although it is advisable that you place your keywords on your domain, there are also certain guidelines that you need to follow for your site to rank well. For example, for a .net or a .org domain will best to rank when you’ll only have 2-3 keywords. For a .com extension, it would be best to have 3-4 keywords. For most, .net or .org domains are effective in bootstrapping a certain website.


  • Dashed or non-dashed. As earlier said, double – dash keywords used to be a strategy for websites to rank well. However, domains with more than one dash are at times regarded as spam due to its low barrier and cost. So it would be best to determine the number of dashes every TLD extension will require.


  • Domains with “stop words” are known to be “partial match domains”. These stop words are called so because it really doesn’t fit well with the qualifications of an EMD, however its effectivity may be somewhat mild.


Advantages and Disadvantages of EMDs

Advantages of Using EMDs


  • The use of EMDs is of great use especially when you are starting up your website for your small business.
  • Getting your targeted anchor text is easy.
  • It can singly dominate a certain niche especially simply because you are directly addressing the exact match for your domain.
  • Keywords and brands may be used together.
  • It is of good use for a microsite with a single niche target.


Disadvantages of EMDs


  • If you have plans of expanding your brand, it becomes limited when you employ EMDs.
  • At times, EMDs can cause some brand confusions and you won’t receive any credit for mentioning brands.
  • Use of EMDs may become expensive.
  • There’s an increase likelihood of over optimizing your website.

There’s always the possibility of experiencing pitfalls with whatever strategy you’ll make use when optimizing your new site. When you choose to make use of Exact Match Domains just be sure that you know its uses and its suitability with your own requirements as a start-up online business owner. You should as well be ready to take on the risks and possible pitfalls that might arise.






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